Magic Charm "Rose"

Magic Charm "Rose"

$30.00 — On sale

Organically cast 100% recycled sterling silver and 14K rose gold filled charm with hand-stamped rose imprint.

Rose is a symbol of honour, beauty and devotion. The birth flower of June, the rose represents many meanings across different cultures and when there are no words, a rose is the perfect expression of your true feelings.

My magic charms are inspired by this excerpt from Maya Angelou's Life Doesn't Frighten Me, "I've got a magic charm that I keep up my sleeve, I can walk the ocean floor and I never have to breathe."

Each piece is unique and unpredictable, perfectly imperfect, made, textured & polished by hand.

Height 10mm (including bail)
Width 7mm

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$45.00 — On sale
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